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Shipping Information: All products are shipped out within 24 hours except holidays and weekends.

Herbal Extreme is continuing to develope new lines of herbal supplements. Rema D is a Vegan and Gluten friendly herbal supplement formulated to help support all 3 stages of Menopause. Anziafen is a Vegan and Gluten friendly herbal supplement formulated to support symptoms of anxiety, stress, and depression. X-Pulsion is a natural line of cleansing products formulated to strip unwanted toxins from the body that we absorb daily, do to the air we breath and the foods we eat. X-Pulsion Cleansing products are formulated to remove any and all toxins the body may have absorbed through out the day. X-Pulsion is not intended for any person to use to try to pass a drug test.

Herbal Extreme LLC. stands behind its product line 100%. If for any reason a customer is unsatisfied with any one of our products, he or she may return the product with the following provided information: Full Name, Full Address (No P.O. Boxes Accepted) Phone Number with Area Code, product label and original receipt (Receipt must be legible and bar code must be in tact on label). Also include written explanation of dissatisfaction. Correspondence must be postmarked within 30 days from the date on the receipt. We will then give a credit in the amount of the price on the receipt, to the unsatisfied customer. They may use that credit to purchase any product from our line or line distributed by Herbal Extreme L.L.C. We do not give money back. We will switch the product out for credit towards another product if you meet all the qualifications above.

NOTE: " Send correspondence "Certified Mail". Herbal Extreme L.L.C. is not responsible for undelivered mail. We will not process incomplete requests. Limit of one request per customer/household.
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